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Seasonal & Greeting Cards

Some of Jan's seasonal and greeting cards.

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A series of outdoor drawings

View Jan's landscape drawings


In the early days of his career Jan designed posters for a living. These days he still finds time to design the occasional poster.

View some of Jan's posters



Jan has created a number of graphics which are used for illustrations and logos in variety of projects.

View a selection of Jan's graphics

Still frame of a video of a school wall being painted by children

School Wall Painting Projects

In the past Jan has helped a number of schools to paint playground walls organising large projects which had to be completed in a single day.

Watch Videos of Jan's School Wall Painting Projects

Portrait of Jan by Paul Wuensche

Portraits of Jan

Jan has many artistic friends and so he occasionally ends up as the subject. Here are a selection of his favourite portraits.

View a selection of Portraits of Jan

A sketch of 2 people


Some people like to read books and newspapers or listen to their iPods to entertain themselves whist travelling on the London Underground - Jan takes the opportunity to practice his drawing. He takes small sketch books with him and captures the faces and expressions of the other passengers within a couple of minutes. Many of the sketches were drawn on the way from Hammersmith to Whitechapel as Jan travels from his studio to his publisher.

View a selection of Jan's sketches on the Tube


Jan's Life Drawings

Jan has been drawing from life since he was fourteen. The difference now is that he does it with a computer. Jan draws these images of live models in Photoshop on his Mac, using a Wacom graphics tablet.

Each pose lasts from two to twenty minutes and the drawing has to be completed in this time, without subsequent digital manipulation.

View Series 1

View Series 2

View Series 3

View Series 4

Other Work

View a selection of Jan's other work.

View Jan's other artwork



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