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Jan awarded the 2019 BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award

Jan has been awarded the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019.

The BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a children's writer or illustrator whose body of work, in the opinion of the panel of judges, merits recognition for a lifetime's achievement in children's literature.

It is being presented on Thursday this week - 8th May, 2019 at the Barbican.

Art House Open Studios Festival, Richmond upon Thames
Jan Pienkowski and David Walser

Original artwork, drawings, paintings, silhouettes, ceramics and signed books for sale.

Fri 21st, Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd June 2019 (see Art House website for times).

Oakgates, 45 Lonsdale Road, London SW13 9JR

The Odyssey

Odysseus must battle his way home from war with the Greek Gods pitted against him. But what will he find when he gets there?

This picture-book retelling of Odysseus's epic journey is the perfect introduction to this essential story.

More information about The Odyssey


Oh no! A flood means that Christmas is looking doomed! Enter a spell, a surprise stay in a castle and a party to plan for - will Meg, Mog and Owl make it home for a very special Christmas Day?

More information about MEG’s CHRISTMAS

Jan’s Artwork to be featured as part of the Chiswick Timeline Mural

An original artwork by Jan, Three Kings arriving at the Russian Orthodox Church in Chiswick will feature as part of a new mural to be installed in January 2018 under the bridges outside Turnham Green tube station. The unveiling party is Sunday 28th January 2018, 12.30 - 3pm, when Turnham Green will be closed to traffic.

Ongoing Exhibition of Jan’s Original Artworks at The Illustration Cupboard Gallery, London

In Autumn 2017, The Illustration Cupboard Gallery proudly presented a solo exhibition of Jan’s artworks, Colour and Design, including posters, stage designs and original Meg and Mog drawings. Although this exhibition has now finished, the gallery still has a number of Jan’s original works and prints for sale: http://illustrationcupboard.com/artist.aspx?aId=175

Remembrance Triptych for St Michael’s Church, Barnes

In 2014, Jan designed a special Remembrance Triptych for St Michael’s Church in Barnes. The making of this triptych was filmed and subsequently screened as part of the Vaughan School’s WWI Centenary Celebration in November 2014 at the Albert Hall.

MEG and the DRAGON cover

MEG and the DRAGON

Meg is busy preparing for her Halloween party when disaster strikes and she breaks her teapot! But with the help of one of her magic spells, Meg is all set to save the day!

More information about MEG and the DRAGON

MEG in the JUNGLE cover


Meg, Mog and Owl explore the jungle, meet a friendly elephant, a sinister snake - and a tiger without any stripes! But can Meg's spell help or might things get a little more tricky for our hapless heroes?

More information about MEG in the JUNGLE

MEG and the ROMANS cover

MEG and the ROMANS

Meg and Mog meet a new friend - a Roman who is in need of help! But will Meg's spell get him to London?

More information about MEG and the ROMANS

MEG and the PIRATE cover

MEG and the PIRATE

After landing with a BUMP on a treasure island, Meg makes friends with a peg-legged pirate called Jack and casts a magic spell to help him find buried treasure! As usual, however, things don't quite go according to plan...

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The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland cover

The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland

Jan Pienkowski brings eight of the best-loved Polish folk tales to life with vibrant and witty paper cut illustrations.

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Easter cover


The classic Easter tale is being re-released with a new cover in the US in February, 2015.

kingdom under the sea cover

New Posters

Check out these new posters in the Studio.

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Christmas card

Seasonal & Greeting Cards

Some of Jan's cards have been added to the Studio.

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New Graphics in the Studio

New graphics have been added to the Studio.

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New Portraits of Jan in the Studio

New portraits of Jan have been added to the Studio.

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