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We have 7 free books for you to read online which are not currently available in print including a MEG & MOG story, Owl at the Vet. Read Jan's first ever book, Annie, Bridget and Charlie. Enjoy the The King James classic telling of the Easter story with silhouette illustrations by Jan. There are 3 Bel and Bub books including Bel and Bub and the Black Hole, Bel and Bub and the Big Brown Box and Bel and Bub and the Baby Bird. We also have the nursery title FARM.

Owl at the Vet book cover

Owl at the Vet

A trip to the vet soon has Owl's wing on the mend, but he can't come home until it's better.

Read Owl at the Vet online

Easter book cover

Annie, Bridget and Charlie

Read Jan's first ever book in full, originally published in 1967 and priced at 21 shillings. Jan's illustrations accompany Victorian nursery rhymes recollected by Jessie G. Townsend.

Read Annie, Bridget and Charlie online

Easter book cover

Easter - The King James Version

To celebrate the Easter festival we have published Jan's illustrated version of the Easter story on the website in full.

Read Easter online

Bel and Bub and the Black Hole

Bel and Bub want to play. They race down to the black hole where Draco the dragon is. Bub can't resist undoing the latch. Draco roars and bursts out, gobbling up all the stars in the Milky Way. But where is Bel? Has Draco eaten her as well?

Read Bel and Bub and the Black Hole online

Bel and Bub and the Big Brown Box

Bel and Bub are very good...some of the time. But they are very bad some of the time too. One day a huge parcel arrives for them. Inside are two new T-shirts. But Bel doesn't like hers. Soon there are two torn T-shirts. Can Bel and Bub patch things up?

Read Bel and Bub and the Big Brown Box online

Bel and Bub and the Baby Bird

Bel and Bub find an egg. They take it home and hide it. But the egg hatches and out pops a very hungry baby bird. It eats and eats, and grows bigger and bigger. Soon there is nothing more to eat. Now Bel and Bub are in trouble.

Read Bel and Bub and the Baby Bird online



A book for nursery children about the farm.

Read FARM online


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