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The MEG & MOG Stories

The MEG & MOG stories have become classics, thanks to exuberant illustrations and crazy storylines. They follow the antics of Meg, the witch whose spells usually end in disaster, and Mog, her long-suffering cat. Children will love exploring colours, sounds and shapes in the stories, which are perfect for sharing or reading alone.

MEG and the PIRATE cover


Oh no! A flood means that Christmas is looking doomed! Enter a spell, a surprise stay in a castle and a party to plan for - will Meg, Mog and Owl make it home for a very special Christmas Day?

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MEG and the PIRATE cover

MEG and the DRAGON

Meg is busy preparing for her Halloween party when disaster strikes and she breaks her teapot! But with the help of one of her magic spells, Meg is all set to save the day!

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MEG and the PIRATE cover


Meg, Mog and Owl explore the jungle, meet a friendly elephant, a sinister snake - and a tiger without any stripes! But can Meg's spell help or might things get a little more tricky for our hapless heroes?

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MEG and the PIRATE cover

MEG and the ROMANS

Meg and Mog meet a new friend - a Roman who is in need of help! But will Meg's spell get him to London?

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MEG and the PIRATE cover

MEG and the PIRATE

After landing with a BUMP on a treasure island, Meg makes friends with a peg-legged pirate called Jack and casts a magic spell to help him find buried treasure! As usual, however, things don't quite go according to plan...

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MEG &  MOG - 3 Stories cover

MEG & MOG - 3 Favourite Stories

This compilation contains 3 of the most popular MEG & MOG stories in a single edition, MEG at SEA, MEG'S EGGS, and MOG in the FOG.

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MEG goes to BED cover

MEG goes to BED

Mog and Owl are hungry, so Meg makes a spell. It goes wrong and they all go to bed without any supper, but Mog and Owl are still hungry.

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MOG'S MISSING book cover


It's Midsummer Eve and Meg and Mog fly off to meet their friends, but naughty Mog is messing around and falls from the broom. Meg and friends form a search party, but however hard they look, Mog just can't be found!

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Meg and Mog fly off on an adventure to Egypt. As they land on top of a pyramid, Meg accidentally lets go of her cauldron and poor Mog falls out.

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MEG & MOG Board Book

This special edition of the original MEG & MOG book is printed on stout board and laminated against little jammy fingers.

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MEG up the CREEK

Meg, Mog and Owl are back in a wonderful outdoor adventure. The three head off in a canoe for an exciting hunting trip but it doesn't take long for things to start going wrong.

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Crom the caveman has caught Og the woolly mammoth for his tea, but Meg is a vegetarian. She persuades him to eat her delicious bubble and squeak instead and he finds he is partial to it too. He follows her home for more.

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Meg, the witch and Mog, her cat go off to a wild hallowe'en party with all the other witches. The spell they cast goes off with a BANG!

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Meg, Mog and Owl are becalmed in a boat. Meg makes one of her spells and gets more than she bargained for.

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MEG on the MOON

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...LIFT OFF!

Meg and Mog are on their way to the moon in a flying saucer.

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A car is all very well if you know how to drive it, but if you're Meg, or Mog, in a hurry to go on a picnic, you really are safer on a broomstick.

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Meg, Mog and Owl stay in a castle. They meet a ghost, fight a battle and have a feast.

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Meg's spells continue to surprise her and the eggs she makes for supper are even more strange than usual.

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MOG at the ZOO

Would you mistake Mog for a tiger? The zoo-keepers did, and tried to catch him, but it wasn't as easy as they had thought!

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MOG in the FOG

Climbing up a mountain, MEG & MOG run into thick fog and then bump into something very strange.

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MEG comes to SCHOOL

Mog sends Owl to school for the first time, and she has some very unusual lessons! Previously published as Owl at School.

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Meg's Cauldron

Meg's old cauldron has stopped working. While it is being repaired Meg, Mog and Owl borrow a splendid modern cauldron that seems to be able to do anything. But things quickly start to go wrong.

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Meg's Fancy Dress

Meg is going to a fancy dress party on Witches Hill, but she hasn't a thing to wear! A magic spell and a puff of smoke could save the day...but spells can be so tricky!

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Meg's Treasure

Meg and Mog decide to go on an adventure under the sea and down on the seabed they find a shipwreck and a chest of treasure. But someone is watching them. Does he want the treasure too?

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Mog in Charge

Mog is tired of always being told what to do so Meg puts him in charge for the day. But Mog's plan to get lots of his favourite food soon lands everyone in trouble.

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