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Jan has written and illustrated hundreds of children's books over the years.

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Below is a list of all of Jan's books that are currently in print and available to buy.

Paper Cut Story Books

Jan has often used his paper cut technique to illustrate traditional stories. The detailed silhouettes over brightly coloured backgrounds are enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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The MEG & MOG Stories

The MEG & MOG stories have become classics, thanks to exuberant illustrations and crazy storylines. They follow the antics of Meg, the witch whose spells usually end in disaster, and Mog, her long-suffering cat. Children will love exploring colours, sounds and shapes in the stories, which are perfect for sharing or reading alone.

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Nursery books

Nursery Books

Combining simple text with bold, colourful illustrations, these classic books are ideal for introducing nursery children to a range of concepts including colours, numbers and shapes.

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The MEG & MOG Activity Books & TV Series

The MEG & MOG stories have been the basis for a recent animated television series, a play and many other activity books including colouring books, sticker books and more.

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Pop-Up Books

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Big Format Books

These big format books make learning fun and can be enjoyed over and over again.

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Audio, Video & Interactive

A selection of Jan's books are available as audio books, DVDs and CD-ROMs

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